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exploritorium opens to the public today at the new location with more space, new exhibits, and an an out of this world light show for the next couple of nights. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there at the pier with a preview. >> it is opening day. inside the new exploritorium you will see how exhibits. the only show is not just inside at pier 15. outside the building, tonight and tomorrow night, they will have a light show outside of the exploritorium free for anyone, eye candy for people who are passing by and not just a bunch of lights dancing on the wall there is serious science. the company made ten small copies of the building facade and used natural phenomena to create affects projected on the exploritorium. very high-tech. >> we are wrapping the light an the building. >> inside you can touch, discover, and play all the way through as you explore the exploritorium. this is the explore storm's first new home in 44 years. there will be an opening ceremony at 9:00 this morning and it will be open to the public at 10:00. tickets start at $25 for adults and keep in mind this is th
the extra thousands of flight as year will mean more noise for neighbors. >> the brand new exploritorium opens on san francisco's waterfront. we are lucky enough to be right across the street from it and the new explore storm is cross the embarcardero from abc7 news 7 building. master control for the light show is mounted on our roof. the show uses 11 super high powered projectors. uses will be talked about in the next half hour. >> the official tv partner of the exploritorium is abc7 news. we have you covered for the events. a private ceremony is underway at 9 with the emcee an abc7 news anchor. the light show begins at 8:30 running until 11:00 tonight and tomorrow night. the museum is open until 10:00. we have everything you need posted on our website at >> check out our website and watch the special on the making of the new exploritorium with dan ashley. there are so many cool exhibits, a special table that reads ordinary objects as music notations and plays out the music. >> fabulous. >> you would like that. >> lots of things we will like. well like the weather forecast
. the incidents are believed connected. >> the new exploritorium is opening today. it is just gorgeous and a hub of activity. the new exploritorium is directly across the embarcardero from our abc7 news building. a cool light show at pier 15 is planned for tonight. master control for the light show is mounted on our roof and the show uses 11 super high powered projectors. we have been watching the lights change all morning. we will have a live report on what you can expect on opening day in the next half hour. and abc7 news is the official t partner of the explore storm and we have you covered for the events. a private opening ceremony is underway at 9:00 with emcee duties from abc7 news anchor and at 10:00 the museum opens to the public with various events inside and outside throughout the day and for people waiting in line. at 8:30 the light show begins on the front of 15 and runs until 11 tonight and tomorrow and the museum is open until 10:00. for ticket information and for parking information we have everything you need to know posted on our website at abc7 news. >> i remember going do that
detected bad bolts were never performed. >> it is opening day for the $300 million new exploritorium along san francisco's waterfront. we will take you >> breaking news in san francisco police are investigating tasering of a student by another student on campus. we were over the scene shortly after. there was a disagreement between the two students. police were already on campus searching lockers because of reports that another student brought a gun to school yesterday. we have a reporter looking into both incidents with more on the story later today at 4:00 and 5:00. >> something very exciting is happening right now. the long-awaited new exploritorium in san francisco is officially open to the public. this is opening day, and d.n.a. kicked -- and dan kick things off. there are some surprises for the guests. >> it is across the street from our location on the embarcardero and a hub of activity there and a gorgeous location in the middle of it all is use news reporter amy hollyfield. there was a huge supplies announcing they would let the first 200 guests in for free. when the doors of san
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if police do not catch you, the camera will. >> exploring the wonders of the new exploritorium, a look at a major new points that -- that mixes science and arts. >> is microsoft ready to unveil the next generation xbox? the new system will require a constant intent connection and cost $500. >> the htc1, a new droid smartphone features a 4.7" screen and 5 mega pixel camera. the phone offers a lot but will it compete with the upcoming samsung galaxy s4? >> wait. this is a great phone. you will not regret buying it but you should get a comparison between the two hottest droid phones. >> it will retail for $200 with a two-year >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have a quieter morning this tuesday. here is a live look at downtown san francisco from the sue -- sutro tower camera. we do have wind advisories that leyla gulen is tracking on the bridges. we will check with mike nicco coming up. >> we may soon find out why the steel rods on the bay bridge broke. caltran will deliver answers tomorrow to the metropolitan transportation committee to u
exploritorium camera at the ferry building in downtown san francisco. gorgeous morning. warm weather will continue. maybe intensify. our meteorologist says get ready for a cool down, as well. i don't suppose you are talking about the cool fog exhibit they have at the exploritorium. >> it is localized weather. now mike has the forecast. >> small microclimate over there. absolutely. hopefully you can get there and enjoy it while it is warm. go on one of the 50-degree days and experience that? it and probably like that outside. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is. we will talk temperatures. it is mild out this because of the lack of wind. three miles per hour at santa rosa and six miles per hour and the air is stagnated and we have a few microclimates this morning. 46 in novato, and napa and 43 at half moon bay and everyone else in the 50's until fairfield at 62 and antioch at 68. headed in the afternoon hrs then francisco, to 90 in the warmest spot and at the coast it is 62 to 68 degrees. inland, 84 to 90. i will show you where we may have a few records. >> we starting off in portion
midnight with windows and curb side locations. >> the knew exploritorium on san francisco's embarcardero opens to the public on wednesday. it is full of gadgets guaranteed to wow and amaze. abc7 news is the official d partner of the exploritorium and i had a chance to look at that on friday. it is awesome, it is three times as big as the palace of fine art with plenty of new exhibits to enjoy and old classics. >> a lot of opportunities for us to try things on a larger scare. >> you were cramped in the other place? >> we out grew that place 10 years ago. science is everywhere, in our mind. in our backyard. >> the move to embarcardero costs $300 million but city officials say it is well worth it do bring such a jewel to the public. >> just ahead, have you ever been chased by a goose? he was. scary. she was scared but ask this gorilla. we will show you where >> coming up at 3:00, escaping a religion. you will meet women would left their religious groups. on abc7 news at 4 well take you to sacramento to show you a group opposed to building a new marina in san francisco are opposed to the new
:00. >> we have been telling you of the opening of the new exploritorium on san francisco's waterfront. look at this spectacular laser light art show. that is so cool. crowds gathered outside the new exploritorium to watch the colors change. >> you like the time-lapse? >> it was projected from the roof of our building here at abc7 news and there was another free light show tonight at 8:30. >> you can get there early and check out the new exhibits and you do want to take public transportation. >> we are the special tv partner [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey, guys. hi, baby. [laughs] hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant feels that if he could handle open-heart surgery, he can certainly take on millionaire. please welcome, from las vegas, bruce miller. nice to see you, bruce. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> so when did you have your surgery? >> two years ago--actually, the same surgery that your friend--and right around the same time--barbara walters had hers. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> and hers was very successful. and you look great. >> mine was s
. the exploritorium is putting the finishing touches on the new home on the embarcardero in san francisco. it will feature a lot of new fun hands on exhibits. one of the new science displays was originally a flight similarity made in germany. >> it is three dimensional. the secret is the cubbed -- curved mirror. all points of light on your body are reassembled but third upside down and switched side to side. >> got that? >> the exploritorium has so many more exhibits to on the imagination of all ages, not just science, including art and music and this sunday at 6:30 you can get a preview when abc7 news presents more to explore the making of the new exploritorium which opens april 17. >> i remember going there on school field trips as a kid and it was wonderful. you can only imagine how high-tech it will be now. >> it looked better. >> that will be next week and we will follow that closely. >> we have a calming trend. that is good news for a lot of folks who have had to deal with not having power or having trialisms and debris in the yard or the street. we have a drying trend and notice no
exploritorium you can see the trance america building and the beginning of a beautiful day, not so hot as yesterday. in the develop news from tripoli new video shows an exploding car bomb outside a french embassy early this morning. that blast injured two french guards and it appears to be the first major terrorist attack on a diplomatic compound since the siege of the outpost in benghazi in september. that attack killed ambassador christopher stevens, a bay area native. from southern california, authorities are trying to figure out who hacked into flight boards at los angeles international airport. hackers changed the boards at a determine natural ordering passengers to evacuates because of an emergency. there was no emergency and police are looking for the person behind the attack. >> the national transportation safety board opens a hearing today on how bad try problems in boeing's jetliners got past the regulators. problems with the battery led to the fleet grounding in january. investigators are looking how the cutting edge battery system was test asked want to know if government g
't want them. from the roof camera on the exploritorium, the solar panels, blocked by a few high clouds as the dry cold front rolls through temperatures are from 16 to ten degrees warmer than average. san jose this morning we talking about report heat possible thursday and friday but before we get to that, high fire risk today and tomorrow and a week cooling trend on the way with temperatures dropping 20 degrees by sunday. the cold front is kicking up the high clouds on the back side of it and the winds roll in. at 6:00 the high fire danger develops with the north bay mountains and east bay hills and above 1,000 feet is where we have the record dry fuels and where we will have the fastest wind. as far as temperatures today we are starting off at 81 in milpitas and 88 in los gatos and gill ray and 75 in millbrae and up to 83 in redwood city and mountain view and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today to low-to-mid 70's for downtown and south san francisco and 76 in sausalito and mid-80's to the north bay valley and low 80's along the east bay shore and oakland is near record high and mi
as of tax day -- people still came on text day. we were shocked. we know the exploritorium opened yesterday and i thought i would give the year to date numbers so it's easier to see them so if i could put the powerpoint on. there we go. so far remember our fiscal year is like yours and ends in june. here are the numbers and last year we were at 563. again march was really significant. that got us to matching last year's and beating those numbers and seeing the break down on the screen. paid visitors are listed here. we actually had more free -- people coming in free than we anticipated and all good. these are students and community access and our free days. we had this amount coming in free and our membership exceeded numbers at 162,000 visits versus the budget of 150,000. i wanted to talk about free day. we offer 12 days a calendar year so that is the next slide. this is for san francisco resident focus they show a piece of. >> >> mail or id they can come in once a month for free and 19,000 residents took advantage of it. we budgeted for 15,000. again all good. the next free day
the exploritorium camera. there is heat wave gripping the bay area and we will check with mike on the forecast. >> the first detailed look at where the money is going for the 49ers new $ billion st the "san jose mercury news" reviewed monthly reports from the past year and the price tag so far is $368 million or $1 million a day. that includes $25 million for an electrical system that will allow 12,000 fans to simultaneously charge their cell phones, $62 million to install 16,000 lights, 5,500 firearms and 2,200 toilets and sinks and $12 million spent on developing fees and consultants and planning, and of course marketing. >> a key part of the search for the boston bombers was the hours of video from cell phone and surveillance video along the route. how do police go through it so quickly? we have a look inside the bay area tech company that helps make it possible. >> in the wake of the bombing it highnition cameraon top of a department store that told investigators who they were looking for. in a secured facility they put it together with video from hundreds of other cameras to identify the
? doctors think they have the answer. >> here is a look from our exploritorium camera on the roof of the new explorito >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. you trying to lose weight. which is first? diet? or exercise? a university study says it works out better if you start both at the same time. the report is in the annals of behavioral wisdom which is against conventional wisdom not to make too many changes at work but it comes down to making them both priors and thinking about both throughout the day. test subjects were divided into three grews, dieters, exerciseers and both. the group that did both had the best outcome. >> doctors are warning teens to stay away from a dangerous stunt involving a popular spice that is gain popularity on youtube called the cinnamon challenge. the dare is to swallow a spoon will of cinnamon in 60 seconds without water. doctors today say swallowing a lot of cinnamon at once can lead to breathing trouble and collapsed lungs. at least 30 teens needed medical attention after trying it last year. duh...cinnamon is fo
lighter side. a look inside >> welcome back, everyone. this is a live look from our exploritorium camera showing you highlights of downtown san francisco. it is 63 degrees right now. on the way to a toasty 70 degrees. lisa argen will be along very shortly with the full, accuweather forecast. thanks for joining us this morning. >> san francisco is one of the cities where smartphone thefts are happening. they are talking about ways to fight the crime. if you are a victim, don't even think about chasing down the thief who just ran off with all your personal information, pictures and videos. >> a number of victims are being subjected to a robbery. often they getting hurt physically. they are almost always getting hurt emotionally. >> police are now cracking down on overseas black markets where stolen smartphones can fetch as much as $1,000. in new york and chicago undercover cops even pose at smartphones selltories arrest buyers who take the bait. giving new meaning to the term "buyer beware." >>> today is the day some 400,000 unemployed california workers have been dreading. their unemploym
opponent refused to accept the results. >> the new exploritorium opens on wednesday full were gadgets to wow and amaze. we are the official tv partner for the exploritorium and the new location is three times as large as the former home at palace of fine arts. there are plenty of new exhibits to enjoy as well as some old classics. >> a lost opportunities to try things that are on a larger scale. >> were you cramped in the other space? >> we outgrew that place ten years ago. science is everywhere, in our mind, in your own backyard. >> the move from the palace to the embarcardero costs $300 million but the officials say it is worth it to bring such a jewel to the public's attention. >> right across the street from us. >> we are lucky. >> maybe a team field trip. >> sounds like fun. >> along with a giants' trip. >> tonight will be unof the cold are games with temperatures in the 40's at times. we will have that forecast in five or six minutes. live doppler 7 hd shows dry conditions right now. we did have a few sprinkles during the overnight hours especially around san francisco and also
in several major cities. >> look outside from our exploritorium camera at the ferry building in downtown san francisco. gorgeous morning. warm weather will continue. maybe intensify. our meteorologist says get ready for a cool down, as well. i don't suppose you are talking about the cool fog exhibit they have at the exploritorium. >> it is localized weather. now mike has the forecast. >> small microclimate over there. absolutely. hopefully you can get there and enjoy it while it is warm. go on one of the 50-degree days and experience that? it and probably like that outside. live doppler 7 hd
, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning, 6:13. a look from the camera on the roof 6 the exploritorium of downtown san francisco, the marine layer with a bit of fog and we will check with mike nicco in a few minutes. >> now, this morning, right now, the new story, a desperate search for victims underway in bengladesh with more victims feared buried with the death now at 897. the building came crashing down and 600 people have been rescued. in word on what may have caused the aid-story building to clap. >> high-end home goods retailer is pulling pressure cookers from all of the 250 stores in response to the boston marathon bombings. a manager for a suburban boston store says the retailer is pulling the cookers out of respect for the victims and authorities say the brothers use the pressure cookers to carry out the bombings which are still available on their website. >> the u.s. government is going after millions of dollars lance armstrong earned during the pro bicycling career. the justice department filed the claim yesterday accusing armstrong of violating his sponsorship from the post
. it is 5:40. thanks for waking up and joining us. we have a live look from our exploritorium cam showing you part of downtown san francisco. you know, the exploritorium moved from the palace of fine arts to the embarcadero, opening on april 17th. if you are coming into the city today to visit there or anywhere, temperature about 70 degrees. lisa argen will be along a bit later to talk to you about the weather in your neighborhood. >>> yelp is one of the first websites many people search for information about restaurants and other businesses. but since the service first began, some owners have accused yelp of rigging the ratings to favor companies that advertise with them. one san francisco restaurant owner is making a highly visible complaint. >> you do a good job. >> she says friends and customers are supporting her after she took the unusual step of posting this sign in the window of her restaurant. stop the bully. boycott yelp. the owner claims good reviews were buried by bad once after she declined to buy ads on yelp. >> they are tied to adonals that you pay money a month. >> yelp st
day at brand new exploritorium on the water front. the any location is at fir 15 directly across from our abc7 news building. it opened to the public at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 tonight. abc7 news is the official tv partner of the exploritorium. >> look like a sunny day to visit. when it ons it will be 58. and 65 at 10:00. this evening, dress if temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. warmer this weekend. leyla gulen? >> muni takes the line to the exploritorium. we have a gas main break in san mateo southbound and nobody. shut down define announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from comedy "how to live with your parents the rest of your life," brad garrett. and a performance from singer, songwriter nick lachey. plus, "royal pains" star mark feuerstein takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on the emmy . ard-winning "live" now, here are kelly ripa and mark feuerstein! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! mark: i love it. i love it. i'm just going to do this the whole show. let's go. [cheers and applause] yay! kelly: it is wednesday, april 17, 2013, filling in for
and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 6:13. what a view to wake up from the exploritorium camera to san francisco. it will be warm in spots. mike will fill you in on the forecast. >> look at this, a spectacular site in italy over the weekend, as mount etna erupted for the 13th time this year on the island of of sicily. italian airlines have to change their routes to avoid flying there the ash clouds. >> supreme court justice remains hospitalized after a shoulder replacement surgery and san francisco native. he fractured his right shoulder on friday when he fell off the bicycle. the supreme court justice is resting comfortably and expected to be released this week from the hospital. president clinton appointed breyer to the high court in 1994 and he is 74. >> a young man who suffers from tourette's syndrome was forbidden from flying jetblue because three could not stop himself from saying the word "bomb." he informed airport officials and provided memorial day -- medical documen. he had green light but when he boarded the flight he could not control his verbal tick. >> i probably
of the exploritorium with a new location three times as large at the former home at the palace of fine arts with plenty of new publics to enjoy and old classics. >> a lost opportunities for us to try things on a larger scale. >> you were cramped? >> i would say we outgrew that space 10 years ago. science is everywhere. science is in our mind. it is in the world. it is in your own backyard. >> the move from the palace to the embarcadero costs $300 million. officials, though, say it is worth it to bring such a now well to the public. we are so lucky it is across the street from us. >> worth a visit. >> still ahead, a bay area tour because take as wrong turn. we will show you what happened moments after it crashed. >> were budget cuts to blame? a report that paint as scary picture of pg&e policies before the deadly pipeline explosion. >> firefighters come under gunfire when they respond to this home on a medical call this morning. we will tell you what happened coming up. >> we are looking live from the roof camera with a few clouds and sprinkles and notice the flag is unfurled but the winds are the big s
camera to the left would be the exploritorium but we are looking back to the port of oakland. temperatures compared to yesterday, will it be from three degrees warmer in san francisco to 15 in concord and san jose. it is quiet radar wise across the entire state, and we will have temperatures in the mid-60's at monterey and yosemite and 57 at tahoe and upper 70's through the central valley to los angeles. >> we head back to dublin we are tracking a sig-alert and a big rig accident blocking two lanes causing quite the damage. coming out of livermore, look at that, nine miles per hour and five miles per hour and the wazers make their way into dublin/pleasanton and it is bumper to bumper track so you have plenty of company out there. what you can do is take dublin boulevard as the alternate, instead, and now we will look at your drive, along the bay bridge, a beautiful sight and moving into treasure island, that is it, another update for you coming up. police are wanting us about con artists taking advantage of victims trying to help those from boston. twitter shut down the accou
morning a look from the exploritorium camera at the skyline at san francisco, the ferry building. you do see some cloud cover. will that mean the coolest day of the week? that is ahead. >> in maryland there is a mulch pile fire that has lots of foul for flames. flames are up to 50' in the air. they are trying to smother the flames. no structure is in danger but the wins are shifting so the job is miserable. >> people in a small texas town gather today to honor 14 victims of the devastating fertilizer plant explosion that leveled their community. president obama and governor perry are scheduled to speak at the service at baylor university this morning. the blast wiped out most of the town of west, texas, and killed several firefighters and first responders. the president ordered flags at federal building in texas flown at half staff. they had planned to be in texas if the dedication of former president george w. bush library. >> the dedication marks the younger bush's return to the public eye four years after the end of the polarizing presidency and all five living american presidents wil
:13. a beautiful picture from our exploritorium camera looking to downtown san francisco. mike has the forecast coming up. >> monterey county spca is helping for donations to help four dozen cats and dogs rescued from a home with eye and dental infections and malnutrition. the person kept 17 cats, 24 dogs and seven puppies in unsanitary conditions and the house has been declared uninhabitable. you can donate by check out >> relief is ahead if workers in berkeley. the city council will discuss raising the minimum wage to $10.55 tomorrow. if approved berkeley joins san francisco at the cities with the highest minimum wage in the united states. >> new numbers out indicate the job market is holding up in spite of government cuts. now the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. looks like government cut backs have not damaged the job market yet. economists estimate hiring probably picked up in april compared to march and they say the economy added 150,000 workers last month up from 88,000 last month. labor department reports on april jobs number on friday. >> if you have not change
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)